Not Sure What to Eat Before Game-Time?!

Impact Basketball

By Joe Abunassar

Not Sure What to Eat Before Game-Time?!

Could Pre-Game Nutrition be Holding You Back?

Over 60% of Basketball Players begin their practices and games in an underfueled state - let's change that!

This handbook will break down all of the latest science in pregame fueling, along with our expert insights and pro tips from our athletes 💪

All Your Nutrition

Questions Answered

What is Carb-Loading?!

How to Eat Before & After Practice

How to Fuel for Gameday

What is Carb-Loading?!

Useful Supplements for Basketball Players

About Impact

Who Are We?

Impact Basketball, often recognized as one of the premier destinations for basketball players looking to enhance their skills, is a comprehensive training facility and program that has earned a well-deserved reputation over the years. Founded by Joe Abunassar, it has locations in Las Vegas and other areas, offering a wide range of services tailored to every aspect of basketball performance, from skills training to strength and conditioning, nutrition advice, and mental conditioning.

The essence of Impact Basketball's philosophy is to provide a holistic approach to player development. They focus not only on improving a player's game on the court but also on building the physical and mental attributes necessary to excel in competitive play. This includes tailored nutrition plans, which as a sports nutritionist, you'll appreciate for their role in optimizing an athlete's performance and recovery.

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It's all about results, and with Joe, we (Garnett and other NBA players) have all gotten results over the years.


Kevin Garnett

21 Year NBA Vet, NBA Champion, MVP & Olympic Gold Medalist

Impact is the best system for players of all levels to improve. They have everything covered.



NBA Champion, All-Star & Olympic Gold Medalist

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